3. Summer Festivals 2019

Summer Festivals 2019

Nakatsu Gion

26 (Fri) 27 (Sat) 28 Day (Sun) July

There is a description as the oldest record of the Nakatsu Gion in 1430.
In 1683 beautifully lacquered float cars were introduced.
It has dynamic movements of cars with speeding and steering, which is more active than other Gion festivals in Japan.

Tsuruichi Flower Umbrella Festival

24 (Sat) 25 (Sun) August

It is said that about 880 years ago the festival had begun to mourn a mother and a son sacrificed to building a dam along wild ancient Yamakuni river.
In the event people walk pushing cars colorfully decorated by flowers for 30 km – 40 km.
On the second night of the festival, fireworks followed by a portable shrine crossing Yamakuni river is the best highlight.

Yabakei Lake Festival

12 (Mon) August

An annual water-side summer festival will be held at the Aqua Park in Yabakei Dam. Stage events, banana boat fun rides, demonstrating shows of water-skiing and 2,000 of fireworks entertain visitors.

Teramachi Lantern Festival

09(Fri) August

On 09 August every year a sacred event since early Edo period takes place. The event, originated from similar event at Kiyomizu temple in Kyoto, is for faithful people to visit seven temples around. Coming sunset, thousands of lanterns lit on the streets, and make it memorable at midsummer night.