Seasonal Activities


Sakura Activities.

There are many chances to make the most of sakura:

  1. Take souvenir photos of Nakatsu Castle with sakura. It’s the best combination!
  2. Have a Hanami party at Ninomaru Park. Bring food and drinks to enjoy. Easy!
  3. Cycle through a Cherry-blossom Tunnel on the MapleYaba Cycling Road.
Best: late March to early April

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Photogenic Blue Carpet & Rocky Hill

Nemophila flowers are planted by local enthusiasts to display a blue ground cover with the backdrop of the stunning rocky hill, Kyoshuho.

  1. Stroll around the field to take a closer
    look at the flowers.
  2. Check out nearby sights such as
    Ao-no-Domon, Yabakei Bridge, and Rakanji Temple.
Blooming stars: mid-April
Display period ends: early May

Note: The flowers will be removed right after finishing the display period.

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Fresh Greenery

Fresh Greenery is Premium

The spring season brings fresh greenery. Many tourists drive or walk through the Yabakei area to admire the fresh green foliage. Sakura is like a great tapestry that lasts less than a month, but it’s followed by the beautiful appearance of energetic and lush greenery.

  1. Shin-Yabakei walking event
    Golden Walk 2019 29th April.
  2. Take the MapleYaba Cycling Road to feel the fresh air and greenery.
Season starts: mid-April
Season ends: late May
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Active Summer

Water-Orientated Summer

Yamakuni River gives us plenty of opportunities for active leisure with the water, such as fishing, swimming, and water-skiing. Even without direct contact the water creates pleasant moments, especially in summer time.

  1. Fishing on the river purchasing license.
  2. Swimming in the river pool at Yamakuni, Tsutami.
  3. Water-Skiing at Yabakei Dam Lake with an Instructor.
  4. Yabakei Dam guided tour.
Recommended month: July, August

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Cosmos Festival

The Largest Flower Festival

30 million cosmos flowers in 40 acres of fields.
Sanko Cosmos Festival is the largest scale flower event in Kyushu. Stage events and makeshift stalls for food and drinks entertain visitors during the 3-week extravaganza.
mid-October-early November
The event detail for 2019 is to be advised

  1. Onsen & Shopping at the nearby Kanairo Onsen and Michi-no-eki Nakatsu.
  2. Mt. Hachimen is a popular nearby spot.

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Scarecrow Festival

Passion for Humanoid Scarecrow

Displaying scarecrows begun more than 10 years ago as just for fun after harvesting even when there’s no need to scare crows.
Now more than 700 of humanoid in daily life action display for 1 month.

Yamakuni Kakashi(scarecrow) World
Displays on 13 sites in Yamakuni area is held in Koyo period with conjunction of some local happy events.

late October-late November
The event detail for 2019 is to be advised

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The Champion of Fall Leaves

Yabakei is the Fall Colors Champion

There’s no place like Yabakei, with all of its scenic spots, to see fall colors. The variety of scenic locations enables tourists to enjoy hunting for gold and red leaves spot by spot until the last leaves fall.

  1. One of the best 3 fall sites in Japan
    Nikko (Tochigi), Arashiyama (Kyoto)
    and Yabakei
  2. Multiple chances to see the best Koyo
    (fall leaves)
Koyo starts: late October
Koyo ends: late November

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Hunting down the best Koyo

Here’s a list for Koyo (fall leaves) hunters

  1. Mabayashi&Sarutobi Gorge
    Upper Yamakuni River, koyo starts here first
  2. Shin-Yabakei
    Traditional koyo spot with pillared rocky hills.
  3. Keisekien Garden
    Artistic landscape enhances koyo trees
  4. Goryojinja Temple
    Combo of yellow and red koyo is impressive.
  5. Rakanji Temple, Kyoshuho
    Historical background resonates the past.
  6. Mt. Hachimen
    The very last koyo is expected here.
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Unique Hinamatsuri in Nakatsu

As the Old Practice Goes

You may encounter displays of small dolls wearing ancient clothes in late February to early March. This is Hinamatsuri (doll festival), a traditional, nationwide holiday celebrating girls’ fortune for hundreds of years. You can join the festival by wearing a doll’s costume in front of the Nakatsu Castle. Not only will you get to experience wearing a kimono, you can also become a part of a performance.

Hina Doll Experience 2020
The event detail for 2020 is to be advised

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