How to Get Here




Local Bus Route for Visitors

JR Nakatsu Station Ao-no-Domon ¥600
Ao-no-Domon Kakisaka ¥490
Kakisaka Shin Yabakei ¥560
Kakisaka Yamakuni ¥560

These prices are true as of 01 January 2019, and are subject to change.

We are here. Please come to see us for further information and assistance.

Nakatsu Yabakei
Tourist Infometion Centre

Certified by Japan National Tourism Organaization (JNTO)

Address Postal Code 871-0033
219-2 Shimata Nakatsu City Oita, Japan
Hours 8:30-17:30
Open 7days/week (except 12/30~1/2)
Tel 0979-23-4511
Fax 0979-64-6611