KARAAGE, the Taste of Nakatsu

Karaage is Japanese Fried Chicken
Don’t miss the Taste of Nakatsu

More than 50 take-out shops of Karaage in the city serve various flavors of juicy fried chicken. Karaage complements sake, shochu, or beer perfectly. It’s also popular for everyday meals. While sightseeing, why don’t you try the Taste of Nakatsu? At the annual event “KaraFes” you can enjoy award winning fried chicken from multiple stalls.

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Afternoon Half-day Bus Tour
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HAMO, Delicious Seafood

Hamo, Nakatsu’s Gourmet Ingredient.
Great taste from great skill.

Pike Conger, called “Hamo” in Japanese, is a fish that needs skillful preparation to eat because of its many small bones. Well-trained local chefs manage to cut the bones to less than 0.1inch to make it edible. Hamo cuisine is known as a delicious specialty of Nakatsu. A promotional event of Hamo food is held every year. You may win a prize if you join the event.

Hamo-Fair 2019
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Soba Noodles with Special Topping

Buckwheat and Yam go well together.
Soba Making for your Experience.

Yabakei is well-known for good Soba Noodles. Quality buckwheat grown in Yabakei gives Soba Noodles a naturally deep flavor, which is the most important aspect to enjoying the noodle. With a topping of ground Japanese yams it is popular at the famous scenic spot, Shin-Yabakei.

Soba Making Experience (booking essential)
A fantastic opportunity for a hands-on experience under an instructor’s guidance.


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Beautiful Oysters from Tidal Flats

Higata-Bijin, Local Fresh Seafood.

On the fertile tidal flats at the estuary of the Yamakuni River, there is a unique oyster farm. In the farm premium oysters are cultivated. Each bite size oyster has a creamy rich taste and white thick meat with beautifully clean shells which the brand name of Higata-Bijin (Beauty of tidal flats) comes from.

For oyster-lovers, a special seaside marquee restaurant opens for a few months in winter season every year.

Bijin-Goya (Marquee Restaurant) 2020
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Delightful Parfaits from Local Cafes

Indulge in Japanese Sweets.

An established confectionery shop (since 1924) serves parfaits with the best seasonal Japanese fresh fruits. A Japanese tea dealer produces original parfaits using selected prime Matcha.

Musashiya Karyo Cafe
Address: 424-4 Ushigami Nakatsu city
Open: Daily 11:00-18:00
※Japanese Sweets Making Experience is available

Niwa Tea Shop and Cafe
Address: 1 Kyomachi Nakatsu city
Open: Thu, Fri, Sat 11:00-18:00
※Tea Ceremony Experience is available

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